Duacti Battery Tender

A new device developed with Ducati exclusive design and manufactured by tecMATE, leader company in the industry, ensuring the best technology and quality. Conceived to extend the lead-acid storage battery life, it allows maintaining the battery charge in case of prolonged periods where the motorcycle is not used. The battery charger operates according to a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled algorithm. Once the battery is fully charged, the voltage decreases to a maintenance level and if any electronic accessories of the motorcycle should make the battery voltage decrease below optimum charge, the equipment will automatically switch back to charging mode in order to restore the proper voltage level. Developed with the approval of Ducati R&D, it is suitable for all our past and existing Ducati models. For the new models, the battery charger can be connected directly to the DDA (Ducati Data Acquisition) socket. It can also be used on models not equipped with DDA socket, just connecting the cable with eyelets to the bike battery and properly matching the polarity.

-All pre-orders from Ducati will take 7-10 business days to ship. If there is a delay in shipping, our team will reach out with any information accessible.
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