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Biltwell Gringo Helmet (Flat Black)


Biltwell certainly didn't popularize the stripped-down aethetic the Gringo so faithfully emulates - that honor belongs to every safety-conscious racecar driver in the early 70's. However five decades later, they will gladly take credit for resurrecting a helmet style that should never have disappeared in the first place. The Gringo full-face evolved from the modern custom biker's need for more protection than any standard open-face helmet can provide. The look says "cool" not "kook", and that's just the way we like it.

• Injection-molded ABS outer shell

• Lightweight, DOT-compliant EPS internal safety foam

• Brushed fleece Lycra liner with quilted open-cell foam comfort padding

• Full rubber or chrome accented edge and eye port trim

• Brow and side snaps for bubble shields, blast shields and visors

• Comfortable padded D-ring neck straps with end retainer

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